Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jeffs blog post Surgery of My Journey

"And I will praise you in this storm, and I will lift my hands, for You are who You are, no matter where I am, and every tear I've cried you hold in your hand, you never left my side".

Casting Crowns

Dear friends and family,

I am writing from Heathers computer (man is her side of the desk a mess). I wanted to update everyone regarding her surgery today. To say the least, we couldnt have had better news. Scars were kept to a minimum, surgery option #1 (as we called ita nd prayed for) was a success and Heather is doing great.

I was looking at her prayer requests from yesterday and will go through them one at a time.

Pray for the injection for lymph nodes (yesterday) - Shot went very well, no lingering pain.

Pray for Jeff (me) re: anxiousness - I felt such incredible peace from the Lord last night and this morning that I actually felt a sense of guilt for not being more torn up.

Pray for Candy (Heathers mom) as she was struggling yesterday and was watching our three little monkeys during surgery - I talked to her today and she ecko'd the peace I felt.

Pray that she would come out of the anesthesia without getting sick (as she usually does) - Not a lick of sickness, nausiousness, queeziness, not a thing.

Pray for our three girls as they deal with the emotions of having their mommy in the hospital from cancer surgery - Well, they were in very good spirits when they came by to see Heather, got to doctor her up a bit, and were excited about the sleepover at Lori's.

Pray that the lymph nodes are clear - We will know Thursday the 20th. KEEP PRAYING !!

If that isnt answered prayer I dont know what is !!

I was talking to one of Dr. Enevoldsens office managers today and she said "I dont think he has ever had a case where he was able to do reconstructive surgery at the same time as the double masectomy". What that means is Heather wont have to go back in for three or four more procedures. That also is incredible answered prayer.

I keep asking myself "how do people get through these valleys without the Lord"? I am in awe of the Lord, how he can give peace, heal, answer prayers, and that He is NEVER freaked out with the situation. He is in total control and there is something very peacefull about that.

Thank you for all of you that stopped by. Whether you missed me coming and going, sat with me, prayed with me, texted me, e-mailed me, called me or prayed for us - thank you. I told Heather this morning "I dont ever want to hear the words "I dont feel loved by my friends and family" EVER come out of your mouth (or my mouth either).

We are blessed !!! Thank you again and we will keep you posted.


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