Thursday, October 8, 2009

Great Friends

As my journey continues and I await treatment I still have to keep reminding myself that I have had breast cancer, that I have had surgery And I still have to have chemotherapy. I don't look like im sick I don't feel sick in fact no one would even know from my outside appearance what I have been through in the last 8 weeks. This side of the journey is about to end. Soon people on the outside will know all of the above. The "looking" normal is about to be over. I don't know if I will be used to the fact that soon I will be bald until it actually starts to fall out. The Lord continues to remind me that it is not about me and what I look like. This, I think I now understand. I am here for a reason and that is to be a witness and in my small little brain I have tried to do! BUT ..... The Lord wants me to go outside my Heather comfort zone and go further into this"world" to be a witness. The average person that I come into contact with will now know my story, they will now know what I have been dealing with for the last 8 weeks. They will know I have had cancer and that I am in"treatment". My job now is to tell them how I am getting through it! Who is helping me! Who has healed me! Who has given me the strengh to continue on when I felt like giving up. Jesus is that answer and I want everyone to know it! Today was a very special day for me! I went into my last hair appointment(for a while) and there were my girlfriends surprising me and putting a pink stripe in their hair to support me with my journey! The owner of Streaks salon in Modesto opened her salon up to us and the stylists all took one of us and put color in each of our hair! All of us wearing Save The Tatas shirts. I was in awe of the way the Lord blessed me today! As I entered the salon with knots in my stomach knowing this was my last appointment for a while, I left there blessed with such supportive friends and ready to take this one on!!!!! I realized today how much the Lord has blessed me with great supportive friends no matter what! I left there wondering what I did to deserve what I got today? I left there realizing that the Lord continues to put people before me that shows His glory to me through them! Thank you my girlies and Streaks salon for supporting breast cancer awareness! Even though I am about to lose my hair I am excited to see the people the Lord will touch through this! It has taken me a while to get here but I am ready to rock the bald head and the funky scarves! Thank you all for continueing to pray for my family and I.
My treatment starts October 20th. It will be every 3 weeks for 3 months. Please pray for my kiddos through this part of the journey as I am sure it will be difficult.

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